7 ways to connect with your dream target audience

Searching for the secret to entrepreneurial irresistibility? Stop searching, babe, I’ve got it right here! And it is …


Yep! When you’re focused on building a relationship with your target audience (aka the peeps you would LOVE to work with!), because then you instantly elevate your irresistibility and become a beacon for them.

But how do you connect and build a relationship with your target audience?

Yay – that’s something I can help you with too!

Today, I’m sharing my tried-and-tested methods for cultivating a bond with your dream target audience.

Let’s dive in.

1. Know thy dream customers.

I believe there should be a sign above every business owner’s desk that reads: Know thy dream customers.

BEFORE you attempt to connect with them and before you flash your digital biceps… know them.

You should know and understand their burning desires, challenges, questions, dreams and triumphs. And you should know them so well that you could write a PhD on them.

Why? Above all, knowing your dream customers will ensure that you’re able to connect with them. Without knowing them, it’ll be like shooting in the dark (which is never something I’d suggest, fyi).

So identify, define and then KNOW your target audience before you make any efforts to connect with them.


2. Be active on social media.

If your target audience is under the age of 50 and has access to the internet and/or a mobile phone, the chances are pretty high that they’re spending a decent amount of time on social media.

In which case … you can meet them there!

It’ll be an unofficial date where you virtually wine, dine and treat them to a buffet of clever, entertaining, engaging and valuable posts. Ones that showcase your expertise and flaunt your entrepreneurial assets. Modestly, of course.

Similarly, you can also respond to their comments, engage with them on their accounts or offer up your wisdom. And just generally be a good virtual neighboureenie with everybody’s best interests at heart.

3. Create consistently valuable content.

We all have problems. Fact. And that includes your target audience. They’re struggling with stuff and, my friend, imagine how good it would feel if you were the one to help them out?

Spoiler alert: You totally can! AND it’ll be no harder than your usual content marketing/blog writing/social media post creation. How cool is that?

Simply keep a list of questions or problems your target audience comes to you with (or complains about on social media) and then tailor your content around answering/solving those questions and complaints.

And voila … you’ve just made somebody’s day.

4. Make your web copy count.

Question for you: is your web copy focused on explaining who you are and what you do? Or has it been carefully crafted to attract and appeal to your target audience?

If your answer is the former, then I have some great news for you. By rewriting your web copy and designing it around your dream customers, you can get way better results out of your site.

AND you’ll have a sure-fire way to connect with your dream customers.


5. Design your visual brand with them in mind.

I’ve said something similar before and I’ll say it again: Your business isn’t for you. The profit made from your business is for you. The type of business you run is for you. But your business itself? Complete with website, content and visual branding? It’s for your target audience.

That's to say you shouldn’t just focus on what you like and want. You need to consider what your target audience likes and wants.

Because by putting them first, you’ll discover that without even trying, you’re connecting and building a meaningful relationship with them.

6. Focus on your customer experience.

This is something I’m super passionate about, but I love clients that want to be more than just a business that sells a product or service – they want to be a business that offers an incredible customer experience.

From “hello” to “what did you think of working with us?”, their process is seamless, strategic, nurturing and caring, taking their customer’s experience from average to awesome.

Most importantly, when we know that somebody genuinely cares about ensuring we have a good time with them, it’s hard NOT to connect with them.

7. Review your strategy every quarter

And finally, make sure you’re regularly auditing and reviewing how well you’re connecting with your target audience.

You can learn a lot by looking back and inspecting what’s gone well and what can be improved upon! Because finding better and more authentic ways to connect with your audience is only ever going to elevate your irresistibility.

To awesome customers and the awesome brands that love them!

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