Attract your dream customers without spending a cent

An inbox overflowing with eager customers ready to work with your fine self? Tick. A happily plump calendar filled with projects you’re passionate about? Tick. And a business that effortlessly rakes in the dough?  Triple check. Can you even imagine?!

What if you could attract consistent and sustainable sales and customers? What if there weren’t feast and famine cycles in your business … just a never-ending feast? And what if you didn’t have to hustle like a hero or throw #allthecash at advertising and/or marketing to make it happen?

This isn’t just a dream … this is a reality for some businesses.

Here’s how they’ve done it.

Four ways to attract your dream customers at a steady stream

1. They created a brand, not just a business.

When you’re shooting for success, it might feel like it’s more important to focus your energy on your business, and on things like creating your offerings and refining your services … but the truth is that even if you build it, you need to give them (aka your dream customers) a reason to come.

Which is where branding comes in. Branding is more than just a pretty face for your business; it’s the most authentic connection you have with your audience. Without saying a word, it tells your dream customers that you get them, understand them and can fulfil their burning desires. It’s your pathway to instantly appealing to your dream customers and the secret to giving your audience a reason to come (and continue coming) to you.

2. They were consistent with their branding.

Once you’ve built that killer brand, you need to use it. Have you ever encountered a business that had three completely different logos? Or a different style for their website and social media? I call these the flip-floppers. Not because I’m in Australia and that is the most popular type of footwear (truth), but because they allow their brand to flip flop all over the place, looking and feeling completely inconsistent. Whereas successful businesses know that the best way to build trust with their audience is to be reliable and consistent, especially with their visual branding.

If you’re struggling with consistency, return to your brand foundation and make sure it feels true to you. My brand is visually appealing, but more importantly it represents my own style so it’s easy for me to stay consistent. It’s a reflection of me, so when you get to know the Saevil Row style and meet me in person, it feels like it’s consistent. It’s the know/like/trust factor that is at the epicentre of awesome relationships.

3. They treated their clients like gold.

You could fulfil their order, complete the service (or deliver the product) and be on your merry way. OR you could find as many ways as possible to make your clients feel special, loved and adored.

‘Cos when it comes down to it, the clients that can’t stop gushing about you (and tell allll of their friends and family about your brilliance)? They’re the ones you’ve treated like gold and went above and beyond with to ensure they had a positive experience with you. Which, spoiler alert, is how you’ll find yourself with a full calendar and an inbox filled with, “Please work with me!” queries.

4. They put themselves out there.  

As much as we wish that opportunities were pulled into our orbit instantly and effortlessly … the truth is that the most successful businesses actively get their butts out there and create opportunities for themselves.

Whether it’s sourcing guest blogging opportunities or finding collaborations that will help promote your biz, don’t be scared to put your fine self out there. You’ve got the goods, babe! It’s time to share it with the world.

Go and get ‘em.

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