How to create a captivating brand personality

Mirror, mirror, on the bathroom wall … who has the most captivating brand personality of all? “Why you do, beautiful business owner!” Your magic mirror coos. “Or you will, once you’re done reading Saevil Row’s article.”

Because beauty is great. But beauty AND brains? Phwoar. Now that’s a combination that’s going to help your success soar.

And being the biz with beauty and brains comes back to brand personality. One of the biggest elements that’s overlooked when creating a business.

Not because it’s not important. It is. Massively. But because many business owners don’t understand why it’s so vital to their success.

But a business with a brand personality:

  • Connects more effortlessly with its target audience.
  • Is more memorable.
  • Is more easily identifiable.
  • Communicates more powerfully.
  • Attracts more loyal customers.

See why I’m such an advocate for brand personality?

Which is why today I’m going to share three secrets of cultivating a captivating brand personality.

Secret #1: Hire a pro.

I know, I know. Not much of a secret huh?

But actually, copywriters are some of the best-kept secrets around!

If you haven’t heard of a copywriter before, it’s a specialised writer. You can hire them write your web copy, content marketing and – drum roll - to create a brand voice for your business.

Because just like you weren’t born knowing how to perform brain surgery or train a meerkat (I’m sure it’s possible), you weren’t born knowing how to create a captivating brand personality.

But they were.

Okay, they weren’t born knowing. But on top of natural writing skills, they’ve done a whole lot of training (and got years of experience!) so they can do it now! Which is exactly why they’ll be your secret weapons in creating a brand personality that’ll captivate your target market.

Secret #2: Create a best-friend.

Bet you didn’t think you’d read those words today, huh? But creating a brand personality for your business is just like creating your own imaginary best-friend.

You give them a name, likes, dislikes, dreams and goals. Then you decide how they walk, talk, move and act. You choose their values, you decide how they say “hello” and the tone they use when they write and speak.

Put as much effort into creating your brand personality as you would creating your own perfect best-friend.

Treat your brand like a real person … because that’s how your target market are going to perceive it.

… And, if you’re lucky, not just as a real person, but as their best-friend too.

SECRET #3: Don't hold back.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is pretending you're someone you're not. Also known as inauthenticity, right? But the key here is not to hold back when it comes to sharing your brand personality. And why, you ask? Because you're SO clear on the tone and style of voice that you're proud as punch to share it.

You don't need to second guess what you're communicating to your audience if you're authentically you. That means no more questioning if your instagram caption is the right kind of profesh with a dash of sass. Your brand personality speaks for you and calls in your audience.

This was a massive turning point for me, in defining my brand personality. Especially because I'm the face of the brand, I can't help but bring my personal personality through the business. I never knew if it was too much or too little and I questioned how my brand was coming across because of this lack of clarity.

SO, to you, my friend, I suggest once you're clear on your brand personality - shine! Don't hold back. You've totally got this!

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