The truth about following design trends

When it comes to attracting your dream customers, it's only natural to want to be seen as cool. After all, nobody wants to be the uncool brand. And to be cool, you’ve got to do what’s ‘in’, right? But how far do you take it? I'm talking about the main pro/con of styling and following design trends when it comes to your business.

Pros: You’ll seem fresh and modern.

Which is good … isn’t it?

Well yes, and no.

As a brand designer, I know that design trends come and go. They’re seasonal, like fashion, which aren’t intended to last forever.

(Can you imagine wearing the same crushed velvet flares you loved when you were a teen? Actually … they might be pretty cute.)

Anyyyyway. My point is that you don’t want your brand to have an expiry date. You want it to be loveable forever.

And while trends are usually trendy for a reason, as the captivating and compelling brand that you totally are …

  • You want to stand out, not fit in.
  • Be a leader, not a follower.
  • Think timeless, not trendy.

So, does this mean you should ignore design trends?

Not necessarily.

If your brand identity ties in with the current trends, then go for it. Design trends are great for colours too, so long as they match the brand.

I’d also wholeheartedly support pulling inspiration from current trends and using it to refresh or create your branding.

What I don’t recommend is copying trends or what others are doing.

You’re unique. Your brand is unique. You want to avoid being run of the mill and fade into the background with the other trendy brands.

Imagine a group of slickly-dressed, good-looking humans lined up against the bar. They all have the same hair, the same colour palette and the same style. Do you notice ONE of them?

… Or do they all kind of blend into one?

You want your brand to reflect you. Your vision,  philosophy, personality. Your heart.

You want your brand to have an identity that resonates and reflects your beliefs, and that meaningfully connects with your audience.

How do you do that?

You return to your brand values and really dig deep to uncover and create your brand identity. Then make sure everything connects with your brand. For instance, your visuals, communication, offering and positioning are all aligned and consistent.

Sure, let a cute trend catch your eye (and maybe even add a little spice to your current design). But stay loyal to your brand identity.

Because when done right, this is the baby that’ll make you irresistible to your clients and customers.

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