Transform your website makeover from boring to brilliant

Does your website make them swoon … or snooze? Standing out and being the business, brand and website your dream customers choose over aaalll of the others isn’t about doing big, bold things.

As a web designer, it’s my job to create websites your target market love hanging out in. Because that's what this whole world wide web is for, right?

With over a decade of editorial and lifestyle design experience behind me, I have a passion for creating designs without boundaries.

My specialty? Translating my client’s visions into purposeful and thought-provoking visuals with the innate ability to awaken an emotional response from their audience.

And one thing I’ve learned on my journey from newbie to pro is that sometimes the smallest of touches can make alllll the difference.

Today, I’m going to be sharing just five of those with you.

Five little touches that’ll transform your website makeover from boring to brilliant


1. Keep it simple.

Too many websites overwhelm their audiences by trying to do and be too much. Because when it comes to website design, simple is best. Remove the clutter. Keep to two or three fonts maximum and don’t go too crazy with sizes. To clarify, you don’t want to shout to your target market, you want to make them feel invited and welcome!

2. Update your colours.

Your use of colours have a massive impact on how you make your audience feel. Most importantly, keep your website in line with your brand colours, or add an accent colour throughout from your palette.

Pro tip: Use your website colours to evoke emotion from your visitors!

3. Refresh your imagery.

If your imagery is more than two years old, consider updating it. If possible, invest in custom brand photography to upgrade your current website photography. Not only will it be completely original (no sharing stock images with a thousand other similar businesses!), but it’ll make you seem more professional as well.

4. Make it social-friendly.

Adding an Instagram banner at the bottom of your site is a great way to modernise your site, add more personality and make it more engaging, without having to invest in new photography or a new design. You can also rotate the images so there’s always something new for your audience to see. Plus, you’ll drive traffic to your social media too! Win win.

5. Clean up your messaging.

Keep your web copy clear and compelling. Focus on guiding your customers through your desired online journey by creating strong call to actions that drive their behaviour. And if you get stuck, consider hiring a pro copywriter to weave their wordy magic on your website.

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