Why you need to stop worrying about your competition

(…  Because I’m totally gonna show you the secret to attracting your dream customers #nomatterwhat)

It’s 8pm on a Thursday night and you’re rugged up in your comfiest pjs. The TV is on, your phone is in your hand and you’re being social. In a modern way. Which is to say … you’re insta-stalking, friends, family and strangers alike.

All is well in the world. Until …

*Cue suspenseful horror music.*

… You stumble across literally THE prettiest freaking Instagram page you’ve ever seen. Which should be a good thing, right? Yay for pretty. Except, well, they offer a very, – gulp –  very similar service to you. Which means you’re no longer chillaxing on the sofa … you’ve been thrown into full-blown panic mode.

“Omgosh, they’re better than me!” You fret.

“What if they steal all my dream clients?” You worry.

“They’re my competition … so does this mean I have to compete? (And what does that even mean?!)” You cry.

First of all, my friend, step away from the phone. Take a deep breath. Warm up a hot choccy. Now let’s talk about why ‘worry’ should be the last thing on your to-do list right now.

The truth about competing for your dream customers

I’m not a big fan of the word ‘competition’, because it makes it seem like we’re playing a game against the odds. When you compete for something, the subtext is that there’ll be winners and losers. Usually one winner, and a whole bunch of losers.

(Anyone else having flashbacks to school sports carnivals? Shudder.)

When the truth is … There is MORE than enough space – and clients - for everyone!

We can ALL be winners.


Your competition (okay, let’s just call them ‘kindred businesses’ ‘cos that sounds far less Mel Gibson in Braveheart) aren’t stealing your dream customers. They’re successfully attracting their dream customers. And running a successful business is all about ensuring that you, gorgeous, do the same.

“But how, Rachelle? HOW?!”

Great question. Hold your drink, ‘cos we’re about to dive in to my favourite topic …

The secret to attracting your dream customers


I believe your businesses’ success is grounded, and rooted in, branding. Not just any ol’ branding though.


GOOD branding. REALLY good branding.

The kind of branding that instantly piques your audience’s attention and lures your dream customers in like happy fish on a hook. And really good branding is about truly owning and respecting your uniqueness by building a brand that is true to you. Because that’s the real truth: Those kindred businesses can’t compete with you because they’re not you.

Like Sinatra, you do things your way.

Which means …

  • If you’re the kind of girl that rocks sneakers and sweaters, don’t create a brand that epitomises the LBD.
  • And if you’re into pink and sparkles, own it. Weave it through your brand.

Don’t follow trends just ‘cos they’re cool. Because trends come and trends go. But you? You are a one-of-a-kind. Which means your brand should be a one-of-a-kind too. There’s so much power in authenticity. It allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper, more emotional level, which then influences and impacts their purchasing behaviours. And when you get super clear on your brands’ personality and style, it’s so much easier to appeal to your target without trying too hard.

So how does one go about getting clear on your brand personality and style?

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