AO Studio
Branding, Web Design, Development
AO Studio is an interior design, styling and staging boutique based in LA. After years of being in business, the team felt the need for a brand that truly reflected them and the quality of work that they do. We brought their visual identity to life through a complete brand refresh, focusing on strong letterforms and a modern look that will carry them through years to come. Peak their live website here.
AO Studio Social Media Design
Interior Design by AO Studios, an image of a book and styled shelf
Interior Styling by AO Studio with an image of a styled table and books
Social Media Design for AO Studio, created by Saevil Row
Stationery design for AO Studio by Saevil Row
Portfolio Sample of AO Studio, created by Saevil Row
"We were looking for a one-stop-shop branding agency, who can understand us as a studio, and ultimately help us articulate who we are visually. What we saw was a put-together and polished brand that Saevil Row created for us. It gave us the confidence to move forward, market ourselves and think bigger. It’s more than just a new website. It’s shifted the way we view our brand and how we carry ourselves. It was an easy, collaborative and responsive process. Needless to say, we can’t wait to work with Saevil Row again!"
Andrew + Oni, Co-Principal
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