Shift Collab
Branding, Web Design, Development
Shift Collab is Canada's leading online therapy practices who approached us for a complete re-brand of their business. We created a brand that was reflective of their new direction, was relatable and welcoming and visually intriguing through custom letterforms. This spanned across all digital platforms as we designed social assets that allowed them to seamlessly weave in their new branding. The cherry on top is the custom designed and developed website with an in-depth search feature to browse therapists all across the Country, who specialise in various categories of therapy. The result is an engaging brand that will support them in their continued success.
Shift Collab logo with an image of a girl
Shift Collab Social Media Design by Saevil Row
Shift Collab Mission Statement image
Shift Collab Brand icon in an animated GIF
Shift Collab Stationery design by Saevil Row
Shift Collab Brand Design by Saevil Row
"Saevil Row's excitement to work with us in this pivotal re-brand was contagious, their talent was exceptional, and their process was methodical and efficient. After working together for the better part of a year, and now that our new brand and website is out in the world, I can honestly say working with SaevilRow was one of our best business decisions to date."
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